chilling feet

chilling feet

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Fastest Indian in the World

This past Sunday Sarah and I traveled down to the famous Oreti Beach.  It's famous because of a few reasons but my favorite is explained through the movie "The World's Fastest Indian" starring Anthony Hopkins - worth the watch for an interesting view.   We walked for a while down this infamous beach that once Mr. Burt Monroe raced his motorbike down in pursuit of breaking the record.  Not sure how long this beach is but it goes for quite a while and is extremely flat (I'll be going back for a run sometime soon).  It's the fun kind of beach you can simply drive right onto... 
(Obviously taken right from our car)
(There were quite a few people out enjoying the wonderful day even though it was the first day of Spring)
(There were all sorts of treks pouring off of the beach and up into the dunes - we had to climb a few)
(Looking back down one of the little trails we climbed up)
(I suppose I am used to seeing a giant hotel right here... but instead just open as far as the eye can see)
(Steeper than it looks, Sarah ran back down giggling loudly - have I mentioned yet how much she loves the beach?)
(Look at all of the shells!  Sarah had to keep stopping to find "keepers")
(There were a few little run offs that spilled out into the ocean - it was fun running and jumping over them)
(Showing off the ODU Club Cross-Country shirt)
(Took this one just in case you couldn't read the shirt in the first one)
(Sarah's work place taken from the side walk right in between where we are living now and her place of employment)
(Sarah and I took a walk through the trails that are really close to our house and behind the hospital)
(It looks like a tropical rain forest!)
(Look at this little guy!  He look so angry and has some weird puff on his chest - I think it means he's about to swoop down and kill us.  That's just my personal interpretation of his attitude)
(Trying to make sure we both make it in some interesting shots)
(Just showing off my new sunglasses in the crazy trails)
(You can tell she's so happy that I make her stop to take photos - this is so pretty though... and so are the field and trees)
(Next time... maybe we will go in... it looked pretty cold this time around)

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