chilling feet

chilling feet

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Americas (a day of photos)

So for those of you who do not know the United States and New Zealand are locked in a legendary sailing competition called The Americas.  While I get the feeling that most Americans do not know that this cup even exists (like with most Americans if it's not football or whatever else we are interested we don't even both - come on), but for NZ this is a really big deal.  The newscasters are actually hoping that the cup ends so that the country can "get back to work."  Especially this past week NZ has had the match point, they have only need one win for the cup, but after a few days in a row of the US winning day after day the country is starting to get a little bit nervous!  The US boys won again today for an almost unprecedented six wins in a row and are now down 8-6 with NZ still at match point.  The Kiwis have been waiting for this win for some time and so it's going to be a really big deal if they don't pull this one out.  We feel as though we can root for either team and are justified... I think I am personally pulling for the Kiwis because the whole country is so involved.  

And now for some pictures.  One or two are from my phone and attempts to do the panorama - I still need to perfect this technique.  The others are from a run I went on the other day - it's so beautiful that I just had to add some photos of only the run. And remember these photos are taken right outside our front door!  Awesome.  

(An attempted panorama on the iphone a top the hill we hiked at The Bluff)
(We went to the Oreti Beach which is the famous stretch of beach that the movie "The Fastest Indian in the World" is based off of about a man who broke speed records with his motorbike) 
(Look at this little down hill beauty from the run along the estuary!  I love it)
(Amazing vegetation along the route - perfect)
(As you go along the trek there are other ones that branch off to head into town)
(So many options of which way to go - so far I have mostly explored down the water b/c it's so pretty) 
(I just cannot believe all of the footbridges and amazing aspects these local treks boast!)
(Does it not look like I am in the middle of the mountains somewhere?)
(But then I go around a corner and you realize the mountains are off in the distance still)
(Straight, left...options abound...good grief)
(I love running alongside bodies of water - the air is so fresh and clean)
(Check out this bridge where the water connects to the other side in a mini waterfall effect on the rocks)
(No words necessary)
(I have not even tried going to the right yet - maybe that's what I will do today!)
(Probably my favorite part because of the awesome work that was done for this amazing above water trek)
(A self shot - I've been trying to take some while I run and pretty soon I'll be an expert...maybe)
(A biologist's dream)
(A right hand turn out of our house and you can already see the water)
(Post run look over the fence behind our yard to watch the sheep)
(Sarah gets soooo excited with these little guys - I love this photo)

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