chilling feet

chilling feet

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hiking with the Johnsons

(Standing in front of a waterfall and ready to do some more hiking)
(Here we are near the beginning of the trail with no idea of what an amazing hike
we were in store for on this particular day)
When Wes and Katie asked us if we wanted to go hiking with them in Guam we said, "Does the Pope where a funny hat?" Well maybe I said something like that after we said "yes" and "most definitely" about fifteen times.  This past Sunday we finally all had a day where we could head off into Guam's beautiful landscape. When we started the Johnsons handed us some gloves and said something like, "You'll need these because of the sword grass and other stuff."  Other stuff? I thought that was pretty interesting as I have never done a hike where I needed gloves, at least not when it's super warm outside.                   

We both nodded, accepting our most generous gifts, and followed them down a trail that almost immediately slopes down the side of some hills (you can see below in a pic now steep and slippery the trail was from the get go). Wes and I have a nearly perfected technique for this part of the trail where one simply skis down hill on one foot with the other out in front for protection. My Mizuno running shoes worked pretty well for this as it turns out. Down and down we went until we made an abrupt turn and headed up river towards the water falls - yes water falls! This hike is called the Cetti Falls Hike, its name being significant because there are seven different falls one climbs up during the hike. Climbs?  Wait what? Oh, gloves! For the ropes and rocks you use to climb the waterfalls. 
(Click on the link to learn more about this particular hike)

After our first big waterfall climb Wes turned to us and said, "Do you see why we didn't exactly tell you every single thing about this hike a head of time?" He was wearing the same smile you see in the pictures of him in every single picture on this blog - a mischievous grin that implies so much. But perhaps we could see his point. Sort of reminds me of almost any run I go on with my brother Bryan. He is never honest about the distance, time it will take, or the difficulty of the run. They have been best friends for a long time. Perhaps they learned from one another.
(Yep, there is that grin.)

The hike was pretty awesome and we made it up all seven water falls, with advice from our experienced hikers in front of us to not only show the way but the best side for climbing so no one fell or died or whatever. In all seriousness it was great and we loved it, though we were sore in weird places the next few days (wait, still am as it was only this past Sunday).

(There is no way to not get wet on this hike, as you can see from us in the picture.  To much wading and climbing through waterfall water and such)

(I really loved climbing with the aid of these ropes who some sweet person left out here.  Yes it's a little crazy using the ropes but to be fair I let four other people use them first so unless it was just my extra weight or that one particular moment I figured I was good for the climb)
Once we finished the Cetti hike we got back to the cars and dropped some gear before deciding to head across the street and do Mount Lam Lam hike (the link is another report of the hike I thought was kind of helpful to read). The cool part about this hike is it takes you to the highest point in Guam, which is not super high but it's still the highest darn tootin' point in an entire country. And as Wes told us, and the link explains, this happens to be the biggest mountain in the world. Wrap your head around that little nugget - no I did not say it is higher than Mt. Everest as that is absurd. But starting from the bottom, which happens in this case to take us to the bottom of the Mariana trench deep in the ocean, we find one big mountain. Apparently if you count the part of the mountain covered by water, Mount Lam Lam over shadows Everest in total height (that's pretty cool). You can climb to the top of the highest mountain in the world and not have to deal with the pesky altitude of Everest, or snow or many other things (yes yes, I know what you're thinking but still).  
(Wes stopping to point out something significant. Maybe he is pointing to Cocos Island where you can see all that pretty water out there)

As usual I'm going to stop yammering on and on about these two hikes and just let the pictures and the captions do the talking.  Thanks to Katie for most of the pictures, to Wes and Katie for introducing us to this wonderful hike, and to Allison our new "trail troll" friend as Wes kept calling her.  I have a feeling we will be calling upon her as a guide a few more times in the next few months.
(Heading up Lam Lam was a much easier hike compared to Cetti. We are definitely still adjusting to Guam climate)
(The top of Lam Lam with some nice views - I was still soaked mostly from waterfalls even after this thirty minute hike, and yes just a little bit of sweat too. It was nice of a family to have been hiking at the same time to take this shot)
(There are crosses all up the trail as this hike is also used during Easter by local Christians to walk "stations" up to the top for part of a religious experience. Pretty cool.  I'm going to have to go back on my own and do a Christian ascent sometime. With plenty of bug spray on though)
(I just really like this shot of Sarah.  I'm looking out and probably wondering what I did to get here. It's truly amazing in Guam)
(Are you joking with me right now? Guam has some truly breath taking views.  Every hike we have done so far has a view of the ocean, as would make sense if you know how big the island is of course.  Just look at the photo!)
(At the end of our days hiking, with only a downhill to go, we are happy and ready for a nice break)
(It definitely looks much more straight up when you're climbing. Here Sarah is showing me how it's done - like a boss)
(Just a shot in between climbs but watch that footing - it's slick!)
(Like statues of mermaids in Norfolk or horses in Germantown or whatever your town does, Guam has statues of Carabao all around the country.  They are this guy! Click the link to read about them. We could definitely smell this one before we saw it. It was not super comfortable with us being this close but I bet it really just wanted a hug.  I thought Sarah might try)
I've already started thinking about our next post which will include why I'm having difficulty typing this post.  My hands are slightly bandaged from having been torn up a little by some rocks when a rogue wave decided to have its way with us on a coastal hike.  Till next time!!  (we are both fine so no worrying)

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