chilling feet

chilling feet

Sunday, August 10, 2014

North Island Blitz

(Weta Cave - the special effects place for movies - did all of the LOTR
movies and more!!)
Sarah and I finally made it to the North Island of New Zealand.  We took 1,333 photos, slept in 14 different beds, saw wild life we have never seen before, met some glorious people, had an unforgettable time, and now I'm going to blog about it for the unforeseeable future mostly by posting our photos and videos.  So get ready, if you're remotely interested, for the North Island Blitz.

(Wellington Museum - this exhibit was breathtaking in its detail)
We did not have enough time to see any region or town as much as we would have liked of course, but we found ourselves being drawn to sights and attractions we did not know existed.  I'm going to do my best over the next few weeks to recount the adventures without being too boring or too glorifying (probably erring on the side of embellishment for certain but what do you care as you have no way of qualifying whether or not I'm doing so in most cases anyway).  We really hope you will tune in to the site to at least catch the photos as some of them came out top notch.  Sarah and I sat down today, the morning after being gone for 24 days, and scrolled through our photos with huge smiles on our faces. So amazed even looking back to acknowledge these memories are real and we did these things.

For now a few pics to wet your appetite.  I know, this is actually just a post about posts to come but there is just no time presently to get a full fledged post out and I cannot resist sharing some photos. More details will come even about the photos shared in future posts.
(A Maori show!!)

(Random hikes up giant hills because they are there!!)
(Visiting friends)

(Sheep having babies!!)

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