chilling feet

chilling feet

Sunday, May 25, 2014

An Oyster Festival!! And so much more!!

(Oysters!  Not only were they in abundance at the festival but they were
cheaper than the normal rates at establishments - nice!)
We have been waiting for the Bluff Oyster Festival since we first moved to New Zealand.  But we arrived right smack dab in the middle of "you don't eat oysters now son" season.  Ugh.

And yet after months of waiting patiently we were finally able to start tasting the delicious Bluff Oysters at local restaurants, and with these tastes only came more excitement about the festival in May.  Why can't May just come faster??!!!

(Showing off our Oyster plate)
As most people in the world know by this point, it is now May and we have just this past Saturday enjoyed the illusively amazing Oyster Festival of the the Southern most city in the world, Bluff of +New Zealand!  However, (!!) after all of this deliberate waiting there was some crazy weather that decided to come in and cancel our festival just hours after it had started.  No way!

But "yes way" is what the weather said as it started tearing apart all of the tents nearby - mind you these were the super ridiculously strong tents like the one behind me in the picture with the oysters and you can plainly see it is a pretty firm establishment, even if it is impermanent.  So I suppose as these tents, which were drilled into the asphalt, began to give way to the elements, those who were in charge of the event began to wonder about our safety and all of that none sense.  I do not really know much about these details as I was only focused on getting more oysters, thinking of course I had hours of festivities still ahead of me.  We were pacing ourselves only to have the festival cut off by weather right in our prime!  No, only six eaten and we were told to leave.  But yes.   We came.  We saw.  We ate oysters, sort of.  And then we were forced to leave.  But we had a good time and even at some other foods before we were so rudely ejected from our blissful oyster opportunity.  Enjoy!
(We also had, as the sign behind +Sarah Baddorf suggest, Lamb Bops!  Mmmmm.  Don't know what a bop is but it was delicious.)
(And Mutton bird.  +Gordon and +Miriam told us this food was delicious after their Wild Foods festival)
(That's right - it's so delicious we needed an up close shot!)

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